lionel comellas bio

After studying in Performing Arts at ‘l’Université Paul Valery’ in Montpellier, Lionel Comellas left his native France in order to study The Art of Speech with Peter Bridgemont at the Chrysalis Theatre School,in London. After completing a one-year diploma with Chrysalis he was accepted by The International School of Corporeal Mime under the direction of Corinne Soum and Steven Wasson. Both Corinne Soum and Steven Wasson were students and the last assistants of Etienne Decroux, the father and founder of Modern Mime.
Lionel perfected his knowledge of Corporeal Mime at The International School of Corporeal Mime over a period of seven year and was also a valuable member of the school’s professional theatre company ‘Theatre de l'Ange Fou’.
He performed and toured with two productions; The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol, and The Orpheus Complex. He toured nationally within England, back to his native country France as well as to Germany, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Scotland and Spain.
After leaving the company he was invited to return by the directors of the company to perform in The Man Who Preferred to Stand. A production in honor of Etienne Decroux, which stages his major and most technically demanding repertoire pieces. The repertoire has been reconstructed by: Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum whom cast Lionel within the above production to perform in The Trees, The Factory, The Carpenter and The Love Duet 2.
Ever continuing his quest for a better knowledge of Movement and most specifically Corporeal Mime, Lionel keeps feeding this passion by undertaking other workshops related to movement. In Belgium with Maya Bosch, in England with Mladen Materic and in Canada with Jean Asselin and Denise Boulanger also former assistants of Etienne Decroux .
Whilst in Canada he performed a mime duo, Idem Esse which was directed by Sylvie Chartrand, and staged at the ‘Festival de la Relève’ in Montreal. After returning to France he was commissioned to take part in an international project in Poland where he performed in Farinella, a physical theatre based piece and directed by Natalia Babinska.

Lionel is invited to give an annual conference with demonstrations on Corporeal Mime at the Sorbonne University in Paris for the students on the Performing Arts program.
In 2009 he started his own company and premiered his first production, ‘Chasse à l’âme’,at ‘Théâtre du Petit Saint Martin’. This theatre was previously known as the ‘L’Ecole de Mimodrame et Théâtre Marcel Marceau’.
Lionel is also the co-founder of the ‘Théâtre du mimOdrame’, which he co-directs with Roger Jouan.  
Lionel Comellas gives regular Mime classes as well as workshops in France and abroad. In 2010, he was invited by the legendary " Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre" (Poland), originaly founded by Henrik Tomaszeski, to give Master classes of Corporal Mime.
Vice-president of Centre du Nouveau Mime (CNM), he is also chief editor of  the revue "Mime".
After 5 years teaching and creating, in Paris, Lionel Moves to Marseille in september 2013, to open his  Mime School and carry on with the company creative work.
In addition to that, Lionel teaches mime to EFA (Ecole de Formation de l'Acteur) in Aix en Provence, directed by Denis D'antoni..




Née à Paris en 1920, Jacqueline Rouard commence ses études chez les Decroux en 1956. Quelques années plus tard, elle devient la partenaire et l'associée de la Cie Maximilien Decroux, et enseigne dans l'école.  Diplômée des trois niveaux de la méthode Margaret Morris, elle est aussi conférencière, et réalisatrice. Le film "Double Face", sur lequel elle assiste Maximilien, est retenu pour le festival de Cannes en 1968. Elle émigre ensuite aux Etats-Unis et fonde en 1976 le premier Institut international du mime, à New York

Dans la vidéo présentée ci-dessous, Jacqueline est sous la direction de Lionel Comellas, lors d'une séance de travail personnel en studio (2011). Jacqueline Rouard incarne à nos yeux toute la force et la beauté de croire en cet art du mime et nous offre ici d'apprécier le jeu d'une passion intacte. Elle est la Présidente d'Honneur du Théâtre du MimOdrame .